We are specialists in people, the heart of companies.

4hunter Talent Acquisition is a company that works with recruitment, selection and career transition.

A service of excellence

Created in 2009, 4hunter Talent Acquisition was born to act throughout the professional cycle, delivering personhood and confidence in tailor-made work.

We believe that companies deserve a consulting that engages in a different way, uncomplicated and with human solutions in the corporate environment. That is why we are always acting with great empathy, punctuality and good humor.

More than consultants, we are entrepreneurs and we put our experience and learning at your disposal to offer the most personalized and different in the career selection market and career transition.

With the innovation in our DNA, we promote meetings that fulfill dreams, we act in the heart of the companies.

We are specialists in people, we are Hearthunters.

At all times we are available for a little coffee:
punctual meetings for positive alignment of expectations.

Recruitment & Selection
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Finalist Validation and Proposal Negotiation
Internal Recruitment
Positive Strategic Displacement
Curriculum Advisory, Interview and Proposal Negotiation


We offer strategic and practical solutions, acting and advising at all stages of the professional cycle. We are present all the time, always next to the company and the professional: before, during and after the corporate marriage, selecting and assisting the best candidates.

We always have a prior alignment of the needs and moments of the company and the candidate, being available throughout the process, often advising the client.

We are always open to hear and receive everyone. We are experienced in establishing effective partnerships based on trust and delivering results..

Some of the Companies Served

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We identify needs, evaluate scenarios, use current tools and we seek in the Market the ideal professional for its corporate marriage in the Legal, Fiscal, Financial and Human Resources areas, from a junior to a Vice President, as well as CEO's and Councils.

We do hunting in a special way, so that the charge could not be different. With our exclusive billing methodology and extended warranty Client Cost4Control the Client chooses how much to pay.

CONSULT EXCLUSIVE ATTENDANCE FOR Law Firms: In addition to the above solutions, we also work on hiring partners and assisted mergers and acquisitions (M & A) operations among offices, acting as mediators and advisors for all involved parties.

Finalist Validation and Proposal Negotiation

An analysis of finalists based on real life, not the cut of the curriculum. We bring a combination of market insights and tools to help you make the best choice. We validly validate candidates from the senior management level to CEO. We also assist in the closing, with the negotiation of the proposal of work.


We use our own methodologies and current tools to independently develop an internal, different and impartial selection process for any area. We seek to identify the professional with the best potential to take on a new challenge in the company.


We have built a practical transition strategy together with the company and professional, whose main objective is the positive exit, so that the relationship with the professional remains enduring, even after the termination. We help maintain relationships and the corporate climate at healthy levels, also allowing a possible mitigation of labor demands.


Tailor-made and tailored meetings, in person or through Skype, to assist you in your career transition. We talk about market and culture. In addition, we review your resume, help with interview practices, and give you support when negotiating a job offer. It is not outplacement or replacement, but an advisory job to help the executive to go to the market on his own.